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“All things human” - This organization will be providing content and events to help with personal growth by providing education on nutrition, fitness, and meditation techniques.
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· Humankind Center

Right now Humankind is working on bringing people together that are interested in personal growth. We will be doing this through music, meditation, community events, workshops, and videos. We are all evolving into this new world and what better than to  experience it together. “One Collective Source”

· Frequently Asked Questions

Humankind 3.0 (HK3) – Is a project that challenges the human collective while bringing us closer together. We are coming into a Technological Revolution where we will start recognizing different energies.  HK3 is here to explore those tools and share the info with everyone. 

At this present time we are working on filming and will be posting new podcasts and educational videos.

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If you are a meditation or yoga instructor that would like to find out about performing meditation or yoga class, promoting your services, or like to contribute. Fill out the form on our Connect Page.

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